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"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value." -- Albert Einstein

Art studios and work spaces of Japanese Artist Yoshitomo Nara 

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Darren Waterston - Remote Futures (2012)

I would sooner be f l e s h and b l o o d than s i l k s and j e w e l s.

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Armed with only a sharpie, Sean Sullivan took over this wall at LACE in Los Angeles with great stride, sadly back in 2012.

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The Golden Forest by Gustav Klimt


here’s a dump of unfinished things b/c my talent is starting things and then not finishing them. also i have like 666 oc’s

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"I hate being forced to do things. I hate people telling me what to do so I’ll do the complete opposite. It’s a bit self-destructive sometimes."

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